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We're here to make this painless. Five easy steps ...

Categories B and C will be pleasantly surprised! We'll include NOAA weather frequencies (if your radio will receive them), national simplex frequencies, a frequency that the ISS uses for APRS data that you can monitor, and maybe a ham satellite setup or two, too! AND we ALWAYS send you a PRINTOUT of your radio's new setup!

NOT LICENSED YET? We need to talk! (grin) Use the CONTACT PAGE and I can send you nearby class info and study suggestions! ‚Äč

Programming -
Callsign? Enter it here -

1 Charge your radio's battery.  Take the antenna off

      and keep it - we'll use our equipment to test.

While you are charging your radio, gather the notes you have for frequencies you have already discovered. It would be great if you transcribed that data into the PROGRAMMING CHART (Step 2 below), but if you don't have the time, don't worry! Send us your notes - we'll return them! We are finding three main types of customers ...

A.  Those who have a definite list of EXACTLY what they want  

      programmed. Up to 60 memories, $35. 61-128 memories, $55.*

B.  Those that know a few local frequencies ... but want MORE out of

      their radios! Fee will be $35.

C.  Those who have no idea what to program. Fee will be $35.

Thanks to GORDON WEST, W5YI, the ARRL, the 

SO CA DX CLUB, HAM NATION - and others -

for their support!


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4.  Make payment to Ham Radio Programming -

3.  Package your radio well. We recommend bubble wrap and

      USPS Priority Mail - INSURED for the true value of your

      radio! (Up to 15-ounces should cost about $10 - COMPARE

      "Flat Rate" versus "Regular" Priority Mail rates!)

K6LCS gets you on the air asap!

5.  After payment, PayPal should have forwarded you to our

      THANK YOU! page. If not, CLICK HERE  -  because I would

      like the TRACKING NUMBER of your package, so that I can

      prepare for its receipt!

Ham Radio Programming